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Project AD | Liver +

Project AD Vitamins
The most advanced liver detoxification and regeneration formula ever created. Liver+ helps to combat infections in the body, assist in the breakdown of nutrients,...

Project AD | Ashwaganda

Project AD Vitamins
Society has never been so vulnerable to stressors. Mental health problems, adrenal fatigue and physical exhaustion have never been more prevalent. It’s times like...

VHiFit | Ultimate Probiotic

VHI Fit Vitamins
VHi Ultimate Probiotic: Probiotics are made up of good bacteria that helps keep your body healthy and working well. They are live bacteria that...

Project AD | Tudca

Project AD Vitamins
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (aka TUDCA) is a bile salt found naturally in the body. TUDCA is water-soluble, allowing it to fight against a backlog of bile acids and...

Project AD | Heart +

All Products Project AD Vitamins
The most comprehensive formula ever created for safeguarding the body’s cardiovascular system, Heart+ optimises the organ’s function and cleanses the body of harmful substances....

Project AD | Vitamin +

All Products Project AD Vitamins
The multivitamin market was long overdue a dressing down. With Vitamin +, it got the makeover athletes truly needed. Completely natural & free-from synthetics,...

Project AD | Astragalus

Project AD Vitamins
Protecting key organs such as the kidneys is of paramount importance to athletes. One of the organs major functions is to filter waste products...

VHiFit | Vitamin D-3

VHI Fit Vitamins
VHi Vitamin D-3 5000 IU: Vitamin D-3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus. Having the right amount of...

Project AD | Curcumin BCM-95

All Products Project AD Vitamins
BCM-95® is a powerful anti-inflammatory blend of Curcumin from Turmeric that works tirelessly to snuff out inflammation, reduce joint pain and improve digestive health....

VHiFit | B-12 Methylcobalamin

All Products VHI Fit Vitamins
VHi B-12 Methylcobalamin: B-12 methylcobalamin is a B vitamin that is important to the brain and nerve functionalities of the body. It is also...

Project AD | Bergamot

Project AD Vitamins
A key regulator of cholesterol, research has shown Bergamot has the exciting properties of being able to work similarly to statin drugs but in...

Core Nutritionals | OMEGA

All Products Core Nutritionals Vitamins
This is not just another fish oil product – it is the fish oil product. Core OMEGA contains high levels of the all-important DHA and EPA,...

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